Life in Yuyuan: What I’m Learning, Doing, and Eating!

Hi Everyone! I’ve been getting tons of emails, messages, and Snapchats asking if I am alive and well… good news! I am! It makes me happy that so many of you have found interest in Yuyuan and my adventures here. I’ll make sure to update you on my past week (or […]

Two Reasons I Already Love Yuyuan: My Cute Chinese Parents!

DISCLAIMER: I’ll write about food in a separate post because it is THAT important. Don’t think I forgot about it here 🙂 If you’re dying to read about some Chinese cuisine, check out my last post about signature Shanghai dumplings! Hi everyone! My days are super busy here but I […]

My Night in Shanghai

Hi everyone! So many updates… so little time. Good news: I made it off the plane, into a taxi, over to Shanghai, and into my hotel room… safely! Bad news: No bad news, so far everything has been incredible! I owe a lot to Kevin and his mom for introducing […]

China Adventure Day One – Partial Disaster

It’s no secret that we all get hooked on crazy, outlandish, “that totally sucks for you” kind of stories. So I’m going to chalk my first day up to it being a great story for all of you. Keep reading for a good laugh, a little second-hand anxiety, and a […]

I’m Going To China!

  As a kid, I had always been curious. Whether that curiosity took me one block further on my bicycle, or through a wooded area in my neighborhood, I’ve always loved the adventure of travel– the exciting unknown, something different, something new. As I’ve grown older, that itch to explore […]

Hello world!

Hello readers, fellow bloggers, Girl Boss enthusiasts, and whoever else may have stumbled across my page! I’m new here so feel free to read a little bit about me: My name is Karissa  I am a 22 year old social extrovert with an undeniable love and zest for life! Lets start with […]