Hi, I’m Karissa!

Mary Friday Photograpy

A little bit about me:

  • I am a self proclaimed CEO (Chief Energy Officer) with a love for making people smile.
  • I enjoy little things like collecting coffee mugs, meeting new people, organizing my planner, and writing thank you notes.
  • Something I couldn’t live without: Hands down, my Passion Planner. I’ll have to write a post about this. Stay tuned!
  • How tall am I? 4’11”
  • Obsession? Chicken tacos
  • Likes? Lazy Sunday’s, traveling, a good romantic comedy, cute little breakfast places.
  • Dislikes? Traffic, olives, low battery, cold soup.
  • I just finished up my last season as a Division I college softball player at Western Illinois University where I double majored in Journalism and Communication. #GoLeathernecks
  • I’m now traveling the world and pursing a masters degree in Organizational Communication from Western Illinois University/ #JustCantGetEnough

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