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Hello readers, fellow bloggers, Girl Boss enthusiasts, and whoever else may have stumbled across my page! I’m new here so feel free to read a little bit about me:IMG_0642

My name is Karissa  I am a 22 year old social extrovert with an undeniable love and zest for life!

Lets start with the basics:

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and have loved every minute of it! I am the baby of my family with two older brothers, and while I’ve always wanted a sister, my mom fills that role perfectly. I graduated from Western Illinois University in 2016 with two undergraduate degrees in Communication and Journalism, with focuses in PR, Advertising, Organization, and Persuasion. Along with graduating, I also hung up my cleats and finished my final season playing Division I college softball, #GoLeathernecks! I’m now pursuing my Masters Degree in Organizational Communication at  WIU and am the Graduate Assistant for Marketing and Promotions in the athletic department.

a I’m a quintessential busy-bee that gets excited about almost everything in life. If you’d glance at my resume, you’d think from a far that my life is a bit hectic, but I simply LOVE being involved. So I fill my schedule and pour my heart and soul into every endeavor.

I created this blog as a way to share my experiences in China, but then decided I had SO much more to share! For a few more interesting facts, visit my about page!

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